Andrew Khokon

Bengali Evangelist


The next morning, we met with Andrew Halder, our Bengali Evangelist, and proceeded to our destination, Gopālganj. The 78-mile trip took us seven and a half hours! There are people everywhere!  We arrived at the YWCA in Gopālganj just before dinner and ready for a good night’s rest. The bed was firm; the shower sometimes hot; and the food nourishing. We were ready to preach the Gospel.

Grace Fellowship started a school in the Hindu area south of Gopālganj. There are 43 primary students in the school. Most are Hindu. The teachers are Christians from the Baptist Church that houses the school. This past year we helped the church install a hygienic toilet and did repairs to their roof. I preached to the students and mothers. Eight of the ladies gave their lives to Christ. The Pastor was excited and will be following up with them.

Later that day we arrived at another predominantly Hindu area where more than 90 people were waiting to hear the message. Andrew had been visiting this area for the past two years sharing the Gospel, planting many seeds! When I asked him what he wanted to accomplish, he replied, “Tell them I have been telling them the truth!” What a joy to share the truth of the Gospel. At the end of the message 15 people were saved. We also had the privilege of praying for several with physical needs.

The next day we were to have a Discipleship Conference with young people from 16 to 25 years of age. Andrew informed us that more than half the people coming would be Hindu, so John and I changed our plans! I preached the message “10 Reasons Why I am a Christian”. John talked about how Jesus has called us to love God and love our neighbor. During the last session I shared the Gospel. Of the 54 in attendance, 20 gave their lives to Christ. The Church where we met was thrilled! So were we.

Then Andrew scheduled us to preach in a Methodist Church to 40 ladies. We used the same messages as the day before and 10 ladies received Christ. Even one of the Methodist leaders raised his hand to make Jesus the Lord of his life!

On Sunday morning I preached at Andrew’s home church. It was a great opportunity to encourage the faithful. John did the same that evening at another church in the area. Our work in Bangladesh was over, except for the seven-and-a-half-hour trip back to Dhaka.


The next day we flew to Kathmandu, Nepal to see our friend Mohan Chamlagain. Grace Fellowship had helped his church rebuild after the earthquake several years ago and I wanted to see the building and encourage the fellowship there. I had preached in the church a year before the earthquake and was excited to see them again. We had a great time just fellowshipping together. I preached a short message of encouragement. In the picture you can see the church with a huge Buddhist temple behind it. I reminded them that “greater was He who was in them, than he that was in the world.” We had a blessed time together.

John left for home and I went on to Kolkata, India.


I joined Terry Veazey in the “India Alive” Campaign in Kolkata where we had 90 participants excited to hear the message of evangelism and discipleship. I taught several hours on the need and process of making disciples and then ended the conference with a message on forgiveness. It was a very needed message and the Holy Spirit came in a powerful way. Many of those who attended shared how God had ministered to them. Several Pastors told me they would be using the material I taught to teach their own people. Praise the Lord!

After the conference was over I went back to the hotel, packed, and raced to the airport for a flight to Hong Kong leaving at midnight.

I was on the flight going home, tired, but excited about what God had done. My flight from Hong Kong to Chicago was on time and I would be home soon. When I arrived in Chicago I had flown around the world! But my trip was not quite over. There was a snowstorm and many of the flights were delayed. My flight home was delayed several times and then finally cancelled! I scrambled to find a hotel to sleep the night away! I arrived back at O’Hare airport with a standby ticket for a 10 AM flight to Kansas City. But the flight was full. As I prayed it seemed there would be a seat for me. I sat down next to a pilot who was also on standby and we struck up a conversation. He was a believer from Kansas and we had a great time talking about the Lord. We both made it on the flight! I was finally going to get home! I arrived a full day late but was met at the airport by my lovely wife, Mary Jo, who was so happy to see me. And I her!

God is good! There are 53 new believers. Christians were encouraged and Pastors were trained. It was worth it!

Mission 2019  South Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal and India

Thank you for your prayers and support.


The trip to Bangladesh is usually a thirty-hour endurance contest. However, this year it was quite the ordeal. My flight to Chicago was delayed more than two hours putting me at the Emirates Airline ticket counter one hour before takeoff! They refused to take my luggage and I was not given a boarding pass.  That meant that John Heading had to travel alone to Bangladesh! I was left in Chicago at 7 PM Sunday evening trying to find another flight out. Thankfully, Turkish Air had a flight leaving in three hours that would get me into Bangladesh seven hours later than planned. John and I did meet up in Dhaka, arriving at the hotel late Tuesday afternoon, exhausted and ready for some real sleep.

Andrew’s family with Roger & John

YWCA where we stayed

Toilet in Bangladesh

School where some of the parents were saved

Preaching to the Hindu people.

15 were saved!

Invitation at the Youth Conference.20 were saved!

Ladies Conference.10 were saved!

Pastor Mohan in Nepal and Church

Church with Buddhist Temple in the background

Pastors and Leaders Conference in Kolkata, India